May 27

Do you have an area of expertise in say, landscaping or horticulture, technology, parenting, crafting, cooking or…any area? a passion? Blogging can be a way to supplement your income while providing much needed information to others.

To make money from your blog you can

1. Sell ads clicks/ad impressions
2. Sell information products
3. Write reviews
4. Participate in affiliate programs
5. Become a speaker

I’m going to just give you a quick overview here with links for more reading, I want this to be a resource for you, a starting point. Blogging is a job and like anything else, you must put work into it to reap the rewards.


The best way to sell advertising is Google AdSense. There are other networks such as BlogAds that you can apply for, but AdSense will immediately get you rolling. Chitika is similar to AdSense and is worth checking out.

Google AdSense

Information products

Information products can be whitepapers, landscape  plans, e-books, sets of usable illustrations, forms, videos, audios, the sky is the limit. The key here is that the information must be available via download so there is no shipping.

The problem is that there are unethical people in this arena. Be aware of that. Keep your ethics and common sense when you’re reading about this. If someone tells you that you can get rich in a week? They’re not telling the truth. Don’t pay for info on how to do this unless it is a reputable, very well-known and successful person offering the training (look for proof), there is too much information out there for free. Be wary of people with gooey buzzwords like “infopreneur” Ick.

There is a ton of information out there on how to develop, market and sell these. I would start research with these articles:


People will pay you to write. Let me say that again. People will pay you to write.

Now I’ll tell you to be honest. And ethical. Or else your reviews mean nothing. But you’re really doing a huge service for companies by providing an opinion and linkback, so I think this is a good thing.  Again, do some background work to check out the company you work with. Make sure they are reputable.

I like these:

Affiliate Programs

If you have products you like and want to recommend to others, you can get a portion of the sales when others buy because of your referral. This is called an affiliate program.  It works like a pay per click program except you only get paid if people buy from a clickthrough from your blog. There are directories of these out there. The best-known affiliate program is Amazon’s.

I’ll tell you to start your affiliate search with ClickBank. They are very established and reputable.

Become a Speaker

Last but not least, take your expertise on the road and become a speaker. As you become established in your field, paid opportunities to speak and give seminars will happen. If you want to learn more though about this, I really like this resource:

And finally for a really in-depth walk through of the entire process of starting a blog, marketing, and monetizing, I think this is a wonderful resource.

Okay, hopefully I have given you a starting point to work from. Happy Blogging!