I've been talking to people about why we use MODX. One thing I'm hearing is "MODX is obscure and we're afraid there aren't enough developers."

How to upload a pdf or doc and link to it in MODX Revo

I am finally building now in MODX Revo for some projects. I'm a ridiculous Luddite sometimes who falls in love with interfaces. anyway here I go.

I am often approached by designers wanting to break into web design about how to get started. Use the right tools. 

Things you should know before buying a Website Theme for MODX or WordPress

I have several friends, ladies of incredible skill and talent in Graphic Design

It's been 2 years since i wrote this post and a few things have changed.

This article is really about TinyMCE, or as one client of mine calls it, Tiny Mice.

I will assume you have navigated to your page in the Quick Manager, then you are looking at the content field with your rich text edito

Okay, so you have a new Blog with MODx. How do you post in it? This is your admin screen: