Web site traffic + sales don't magically happen. We think of it like a tree. Read more for tips and tools to boost your traffic.

You might receive an automated phone call saying Our records indicate you have not updated your Google listing. This isn't Google calling.

If you are a business owner, you get bombarded with SEO experts and their spam telling you that you can get to the top of search engines in a week. Um Yeah

how to get found on certain keywords or keyword phrases. You have to write content that contains the keyword or phrase you are trying to be found on.

We live and work in a small town right south of Louisville, Ky called Mt Washington. Mt Washington is a bit quirky.

Really quick, I need to let you all know the two most important rules of SEO.

Today I got to go talk with folks at a lovely nonprofit I work with. They're working on a newspaper ad (I'm going to help design it, we do that too) and I suggested that we try to track the response from it. The marketing manager sort of blinked at me, and then I kindly suggested we look at Google Analytics.

It's all about links, links that point at your website. And that means your content that makes others want to link to you is really important.

There are three main basic components to SEO: Link Building, Keywords, and Search Friendly Architecture.

After years of dealing with designers, business owners and even IT pros, I've learned that dealing with web sites can be a bit scary