There's a lot of angst over the social media channel Twitter in the media lately. Here's my perspective: Twitter is still relevant. Chill out.

A lot of business owners don't understand inbound marketing or social media. Do you really need to post puppy pictures? The answer is yes and this is why.

It's all about links, links that point at your website. And that means your content that makes others want to link to you is really important.

Great minds think alike. I got into Twitter because I wanted to help my clients use it to market their businesses.

Say you have a spa and salon. Say that spa and salon has a good location and great people.

I've been tweeting/thinking about this for several days. I have to get it out or I won't be able to do much else.

A guy emailed me last week asking me if we wanted to pay for sales leads. He emailed me twice, in fact, once after I had already replied with No thank you.

When you go to a party, some people are interesting, some are not. The ones you want to get to know are shiny. My word for it.

Some people say to use a contest for building your lists. This tool also double duty, it gets you important information!

I feel a little sick. I don't even think I should have to write this post. But I had a client...