There's a lot of angst over the social media channel Twitter in the media lately. Here's my perspective: Twitter is still relevant. Chill out.

I train a lot of our clients in how to use Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn. One question I get is, Why should I bother doing this, I don't see any value in it.

Great minds think alike. I got into Twitter because I wanted to help my clients use it to market their businesses.

Say you have a spa and salon. Say that spa and salon has a good location and great people.

Nearly every aspect of a web site can easily be compared to a car.

I've been tweeting/thinking about this for several days. I have to get it out or I won't be able to do much else.

What do people want? or need? How do you say something relevant?

When you go to a party, some people are interesting, some are not. The ones you want to get to know are shiny. My word for it.

Some people say to use a contest for building your lists. This tool also double duty, it gets you important information!

Baby Step number two with Twitter. If you have a blog, integrate it with Twitter to automatically post when you blog.