Web design focuses on specific purposes. Designing a web site should begin with creating and identifying key content, not with cool visuals.    

I've been talking to people about why we use MODX. One thing I'm hearing is "MODX is obscure and we're afraid there aren't enough developers."

You know those really cool pictures that subtly move? They look like something out of Harry Potter. They're called cinemagraphs and ...

I am often approached by designers wanting to break into web design about how to get started. Use the right tools. 

We think that is really smart. But what if you have basically one shot to sale? What if you have low traffic and return rate to your site? Hello, Persona.

Things you should know before buying a Website Theme for MODX or WordPress

If you have a content management system and are able to add, edit and delete sections and pages of your website, you can really bring zing to a trade show

Chances are if you are a business owner, you have a web site. Unless you hang out with a geek like me, you have never heard of Responsive Design.

Visual Design is a language. It's a form of communication as earnest and necessary as any spoken word. It can resemble body language in its subtlety

We're saying pay attention and build rapport first.