The 3 Best Web Tools We've Seen This Week

Cool tools and information we collected this week. Stock photos, a crazy useful organizing tool and more!

Web Design: Accessibility and CSS (Not as boring as you think!)

The very first point he discusses is pertinent to a lot of people who don't know why they need to update their web site. 

There was a time were a 12px font size for body text was standard, but with the rise of devices with higher resolutions the average font size settled somewhere between 15 and 18px for a while. In recent years, it has risen again to 20px and up, which is a good thing. Text must be big enough for reading on smartphones and increase with the size of the screen in order to still be readable from distance on big screens like TVs.

So if your site was built even 2 years ago, things have changed enough that you likely need a tune-up to adjust. Device resolution has changed and your site's font size may need to be updated. Accessibility is an issue because noncompliance opens you to litigation. I'll say that again. Noncompliance opens you to litigation. 

"In addition, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. There is some debate on the matter, multiple courts and the U.S. Department of Justice have taken the position that the ADA requires website and app operators and owners to take affirmative steps to make their websites and apps accessible to disabled persons and compatible with common assistive technologies such as the JAWS screen reader, while other courts have taken the position that the ADA does not apply online. The U.S. Department of Justice has endorsed the WCAG2.0AA standard as an appropriate standard for accessibility in multiple settlement agreements.[46][47]"

Update your web site. The list here is a fantastic place to start. Use it to audit your site and upgrade for accessibility. 


Unsplash Photos Free Stock Photos

We hate cheesy stock photos. These aren't. They're gorgeous and the update this month is breath taking. Our header image today is a photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Use them for your blog!

unsplash stock photos




I owe this one to Twitter. This is a database that you can use to collaborate. Think of it sort of like Google Sheets, but way, way cooler. Use "bases" (databases) like you would a spreadsheet with a powerful UI that isn't scary. Organize anything. If you love Trello (and we do) then you'll love Airtable. 



Ok, so those are the cool things we've seen this week. What about you? See anything good? Let us know in the comments!

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