Get the Web Site User Persona Template

Get your User Persona Template

A User Persona can help you describe more clearly who you are speaking to as you develop resources for use in your sales, marketing, customer service and training. It is an invaluable tool. There are many persona templates out there, this is the one we use. It is simple and effective and helps us to quickly discover who we are speaking to and what the message should be. 

Some tips for use: 

  1. Get the input of the sales team, project managers and customer support personnel. Don't rely on your own perceptions alone.
  2. Proficiency level means not just proficiency with the device they will access your site on, but also proficiency with your product. Identify both skill levels.
  3. Include associations they belong to in your influences and referents list. They likely read newsletters or social streams from these groups. 
  4. Consider the current perception the persona has of your company and if you would like that to change. If so, how? 
  5. Write to the persona when you are developing content. For a web site you will want to make one page or post for each persona.
  6. You will want to consider if this person is likely to encounter your site on a tablet, a mobile phone or on a desktop or laptop. Design your landing pages for this person accordingly.
  7. When considering user experience goals, consider how your content will make the user feel. Will they feel empowered or will they feel inadequate? What is your goal?

For more information on using personas and other considerations in planning your content, check out our article on web design content.

Web Site User Persona Template