Magnetic Marketing

Increasing your Pull

Inbound Marketing is the flip side of branding. Branding is a reflection of who you are, your personality as a business. Social Media shapes your brand. We know that social media reflects your word, your world. Handling that is a vast responsibility. 

We want to reflect you and your unique brand presence honestly. We want to help you be who you are as loud as you can, while we get out of the way. 

Inbound marketing (or as we call it around here, magnetic marketing) pulls clients and buyers to you. No more cold calls. No more paid leads.

We do that through a targeted program to identify your buyers, give them something of value in exchange for their contact information, and then make them offers for things that they actually need. There are many companies that practice inbound marketing. We do practice it, but we add a lot of methods to boost the range, the engagement and the effectiveness of the work. The kung fu we use, what sets apart our work from others? Gamification

No we don't use game mechanics on every project. Game mechanics and gamification are not the same thing. That said, you can be certain that the wealth of understanding we have about Motivational Psychology, User Interface Design, User Experience, and Visual Communication goes into all that we do. 

Let us do it all - Complete Content Creation, PR and Social Media Service

Our goal is always to empower our clients, training them and hopefully weaning them off of our support. At the very least we want all of our clients to make informed choices regarding social media, SEO,  PR and web design.

For companies ready to go to the next level, we provide a full marketing service. We will outline a 3, 6 or 12 month content marketing plan (yes we do strategy!) to be implemented  for a monthly fee. We monitor your accounts, and engage with your customers. We pursue PR opportunities for you. We generate the graphics or write the articles or create the content pieces that you need centered around strategic content hubs. We've recruited some amazing writers who can boost your SEO. You get automatic monthly reports. We post for you according to your optimal schedule. We can also provide employee social media training. Interested in learning more? Contact us to have a 15 minute conversation regarding your options.

..or Let Us Do a Little

We have a small business subscription product called the Thought Bubble. With the Thought Bubble, we will post once a day to Facebook and Twitter for you seven days a week for a flat fee. Click here to learn more and subscribe.

..or Do It Yourself

We have our own software in development called the Magnet which allows you to schedule posts, create images, track your analytics and mentions and manage your reputation, all from one dashboard. There's even a social CRM and we are integrating it with our starter small business web sites.

For individuals or smaller companies, the process itself is something you can learn and do with your website right now. We offer training seminars and courses to get you started. 

We also offer a unique email marketing solution. You pay as you use it. Contact us for a demo.