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Google is steadily moving to a mobile-only world. Mobile-first indexing seems like the inevitable consequence of a year (or more) almost exclusively dedicated to evangelizing and forcing a change of mindset from desktop to mobile.

The biggest thing that you need to know as a web site owner is that now, you need AMP Pages. What are AMP Pages? 

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. They are built with a stripped down version of content and receive preference in mobile search. If you have a website? You need AMP Pages. Moz says:

AMP content will have the advantage of being shown above the fold, at the top of Google searches, unless Google changes how and whether it displays all AMP results in this way.

Currently, AMP articles appear in a swipeable carousel. For now, there is not a paid placement option, but it may appear in the future. AMP-enabled articles do have an icon in the SERPs indicating that they are built on AMP.

But what about desktop?

SEO is still improved the old way. You need to have great content and properly formatted code. You need to build links back to your website and be active on social media on at least one channel. All of your efforts work together to create a synergy of improved rankings. However the best strategy will focus on mobile-first search results with a clear funnel for your users to take the actions you wish them to take. 

If you have a MODX website, we are able to add AMP templates and optimize your site easily. If you don't have a MODX website, no worries, we work with all major CMS platforms. 


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Do you handle PPC Campaigns?

We do! We manage PPC accounts on Google, Bing and Facebook. However we're most excited about a new option in the digital advertising space. If you have a postal mailing list and are currently engaging in direct mail, we can advertise to those addresses using their IP address. This makes effective cross-channel marketing campaigns incredibly simple. We think this is the best option out there for many businesses. 

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