We get this question a lot. I wish the answer were simple. It isn't. An e-commerce platform is a lot like a car. What you choose depends on who is driving it and where you want to go. How fast you need to get there plays a role as well. You can think of the different options out there like cars. You have some economy models and then you have the custom, italian-leather-seat supercars. It's the same thing for e-commerce platforms.

Cool tools and information we collected this week. Stock photos, a crazy useful organizing tool and more!

Why haven't we been blogging?

Whether you're building a business or a legacy as an artist, consider that the journey is a process. Don't lose heart.

Web design focuses on specific purposes. Designing a web site should begin with creating and identifying key content, not with cool visuals.    

Making infographics in a popular alternative to PowerPoint yields stunning results!

The most important part of your message is how you make people feel after they read it. Headlines capture attention.  Add this list of emotional verbs to your verbal arsenal to get the attention you need.

I've been talking to people about why we use MODX. One thing I'm hearing is "MODX is obscure and we're afraid there aren't enough developers."

Web site traffic + sales don't magically happen. We think of it like a tree. Read more for tips and tools to boost your traffic.

There's a lot of angst over the social media channel Twitter in the media lately. Here's my perspective: Twitter is still relevant. Chill out.