Great article here from SEO guru types.... on why one traffic stream is dangerous.

bounce. bounce. bounce. Really excited about this new email marketing service we have just rolled out today....

20% of all web traffic is on Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). That means that 20% of all of your traffic is on IE6.

A client has an issue. They need to answer customer emails in a way that will track the response, make sure someone takes care of all incoming messages.

1. Go to lists Hit add a list (at the bottom) Name it, check the box to make it active,

You might notice the new site. The blog. What you may not know is we've spent the last year and a half researching the best way to build web sites.

1. What traits do your customers have in common other than the fact they all buy from you?

What do you assume when minimal information is provided by a company? When you're researching a purchase and can't find a prices online?

Did you know we can get a list of businesses for you to call? Sure, we can do that. We've got a list of mailing addresses and phone numbers for your sales staff to start querying.