JPMorgan decides to do a Q&A on Twitter. The problem with that? is that there is some anger out there towards this company. Social Media gone wrong.

Google Plus is a social media platform like Facebook, where you can talk about random things that interest you and people will discuss or like them.

The beginning of my journey into Ingress, a scavenger hunt/capture the flag game by Google's Niantic Labs.

If you are a business owner, you get bombarded with SEO experts and their spam telling you that you can get to the top of search engines in a week. Um Yeah

Test mobile iOS layouts quickly from desktop Safari

Business owners think they will save money by managing their own Google AdWords Campaigns. That isn't true.Google AdWords Campaigns have variable costs.

How to upload a pdf or doc and link to it in MODX Revo

A Christmas Card From Red Toad Media. Merry Christmas!

I am finally building now in MODX Revo for some projects. I'm a ridiculous Luddite sometimes who falls in love with interfaces. anyway here I go.

We build a lot of websites for small business and I'd say only a rare few clients actually use their blog the way they should. Blogging is Important.