If you're on Facebook, you may not be seeing all of your friends statuses.

I have several friends, ladies of incredible skill and talent in Graphic Design

I train my clients to use Facebook and when I do, I come up with a routine for them to use.

Really quick, I need to let you all know the two most important rules of SEO.

Had a chat today with a client about what was appropriateto put on her website.

Okay, first you find your video. Then you click Embed. and make sure include related videos is not checked.

Today I got to go talk with folks at a lovely nonprofit I work with. They're working on a newspaper ad (I'm going to help design it, we do that too) and I suggested that we try to track the response from it. The marketing manager sort of blinked at me, and then I kindly suggested we look at Google Analytics.

How do you choose what to write about for your blog? When you're starting out it can be scary. There are formulas out there but here are some other ideas.

It's all about links, links that point at your website. And that means your content that makes others want to link to you is really important.

Can I change the font on my website? You wouldn't believe how loaded that question is. Or how important.