We Made that Infographic with Keynote

Making infographics in a popular alternative to PowerPoint yields stunning results!

Infographic with Keynote

You know you want to know how we did it. Well, we gave you the recipe. You can go download it here. But because we love our dear readers, We'll also give you a behind-the-scenes look. 

Infographics need Great Typography

Typography is like a voice. It sets the tone. We tend to be playful and our typeface usage reflects that. Be mindful of the data that you are sharing when you're choosing a typeface for your project. Does it need to catch attention? Is it fun? are you using bright colors? Unique typefaces are okay then. If you're sending the data to a group of Suits with Spreadsheets, you might need to stick to traditional fonts. 

Either way, you can check out Font Squirrel. It's a go-to site for amazing and beautiful fonts. 

Next you choose your palette. In Keynote, this is easy, Apple has done the hard work for you. Just choose from the Shape menu and don't stray too far from the presets if you're cautious. Their taste is impeccable. You can't go wrong. (For that matter you can let them choose your typefaces too, but there will likely be a lot of Helvetica.) It's okay when you're just learning to play it safe. We're going for speed. 

Look for a set of data to share. 

It can be loosely related (all about the same general topic). It doesn't have to come from the same source, but hey, make sure it isn't conflicting? 

Now for the FUN part. 

Draw Some Shapes!

Infographic design

You can probably tell that the background is the default rectangle that comes up. 

We have in addition some amazeballs options. Look ma, stars, speech bubbles! How cool is that? 

For the crown we used the pen tool. See where it says "Draw with Pen" under the shapes? And then we changed the "Fill" (that's the color inside the shape) to a nice gradient. 

Infographic design

You can choose  the gradient colors for an Advanced Gradient by choosing them from the little squares at each end of the gradient tool, it will bring up the color picker and you can experiment. Then go ahead and play with the Angle of the gradient as well. 

A stroke is the line on the edge of any Shape or image. You can choose different type of strokes. We got going and had a ball so we did a chalkboard version. 

Infographic design

You can also change the endpoints of any line made with the line tool and add circles or squares, that how we made some of our lines. 

Infographic design

Whoa, that's a lot of cool things you can make. Change the point value of the lines (there underneath"Line") to make them thicker. When we are all done, we choose "Export" then choose images. It saves our files as jpgs.

Try it Yourself!

You can download our template and use it! Learn for yourself. We have our intro template available for FREE and you do realize  that if you master this then you can use these techniques to make more than infographics? You can do icons and other cool pictures as well. Just group your shapes to build little people, search icons, birds. Dogs with sweaters, get the pen tool out and go to town!

Let us know how your masterpieces turn out, we will reshare anything you post with this technique.   

Download your FREE Keynote Infographic here.

About the Author

Anne Miles is the owner and Toad-in-Chief at Red Toad Media. A trained graphic designer, Anne has been a speaker at WordCamp and the IRCE Digital Design Conference. She has been interviewed by Inc Magazine and the Wall Street Journal and published a contribution for Smashing Magazine, one of the top web design blogs in the world. You can follow her on Twitter at @redtoadmedia

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