Florist Ecommerce

Your designs with Floral Accounting Systems ecommerce

Custom agency website, big floral service integration

Have you ever wished for a custom-designed floral ecommerce web site that you could control? Did you want to be able to do more than your competitors? Streamline your orders? Integrate with Floral Accounting Systems yet have flexibility?

Now you can have it all. Sell your flowers, your way, with our personalized design and expertise. 

We have developed a framework based on Magento Ecommerce that combines the power of Magento with Floral Accounting Systems. You can easily add, edit and delete pages, create email newsletters, and manage the design of your site. Your users will have a wish list and compare features. Need multiple stores? Built-in social sharing? No problem. Don't want to deliver on Christmas? You can blackout delivery. Want to see it in action? 

Give us a call to learn more.